Elia beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Mykonos. Many say it is the best beach on the island. Visit it to discover it by yourself! Located 8 km from Mykonos Town, it is quiet and peaceful and will surely steal your heart! The main characteristic of the beach is the endless golden sand. Here you can enjoy the summer and the hospitality of the locals. The simplicity and austerity of this place will be the reasons to love it!

In Elia beach, you will often wonder how this person a little further from you, reminds you of someone. The answer? Here you will find several famous visitors, so, have your camera ready for many... clicks! Swim in the crystal clear waters and enjoy the comfort of the well-organized beach. Drink your coffee, relax in your lounger, read your newspaper and be sure no one will bother you! If you are lucky you can sit close to someone famous. You never know...

The beach is also characterized as "gay-friendly" by the residents of Mykonos with separate areas for nudists and gay.
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